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Accountability to ALL Stakeholders

(Keeping Taxes Down, Collaboration, Parental Rights)


Curricula Integrity

(Academic Excellence, Literacy, Career Readiness) 


Transparent Governance

(Community Engagement & Honest Discussion)

The candidates listed here have been identified* by nonpartisan Illinois citizens

who support the A.C.T. Pillars of School Board Leadership.

  1. CLICK the sample ballot/graphics to enlarge. COMPUTER is clearer version than CELL PHONE

  2. SHARE this page or ballot photo with your neighbors via text, email, and social media.

  3. PRINT the graphics to take into the voting booth with you on election day.

  4. Click SEE WIREPOINTS/DISTRICT STATS to view the proficiency data from each district**.​

  5. NoteIf ballot says for example, "Vote for 4", you do NOT need to vote for that many on ballot. Only vote for the candidate/s you choose. 

VOTING DAY: Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Click here to locate your local voting location.

A.C.T. Pillars of Nonpartisan School Board Leadership 

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